ErLab is modern system of secure communication between the medical software for clinics - DrEryk, and the programs used in any laboratory.

The system is designed to automate two-way communication between laboratories across the country, and the software DrEryk. ErLab collects information about patient's test results from the laboratory and forwards them to the clinic. Particular emphasis was placed on system security and data communication channels. Personal data on patients is encrypted. This solution provides that it is not possible to link the medical data of the patient with personal data by unauthorized persons. The patient can watch referral for testing and the results through the website. The patient will have opportunity to provide his results online in other settings such like hospital, specialist, another doctor), which will shorten the time of diagnosis and help to avoid duplication of research. ErLab system was designed with cooperation with Ericpol, a manufacturer of drEryk in consortium with College of Family Physicians in Poland.